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Check out the many conversations I've had with folks around the world about anything from how to make the job search process an opportunity for growth to the importance of experimenting and prototyping in our careers. Hope you enjoy the diverse voices and take away some valuable pieces for your own transition journey.

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The Career Planning Show with Alex Rascanu

It was a pleasure speaking with Alex Rascanu on The Career Planning podcast about my own journey, how to assess what's important to us in our careers and the immense value of experimenting and prototyping early on. 

Python Pizza Hamburg 2021 Conference

Dec 11th I spoke at the Python Pizza Conference about how to experience the job search process as an opportunity to grow in confidence and capacity rather than a stressful necessity. Check it out on YouTube (along with over a dozen of other amazing talks) and learn the importance of figuring out what YOU want, focusing on the process not the outcome and treating yourself like your best friend.

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You're Not Qualified Podcast with Courtney Heitter

Vulnerability is sexy. Setting goals and understanding how to approach them to avoid overwhelm and optimize success is a valuable skill! Listen to me chatting with Courtney on her 10th episode of You're Not Qualified Podcast as we talk imposter syndrome in your professional life, the secret sauce for confidently pursuing your goals and the best way to spiral (not a dance move but it could be). 

Coaching and Empowerment with Mary Bajorek -
Reach Truth Podcast

During a delightful conversation with Tasshin Fogleman we dive into my experiences of moving from Poland to Canada as a child, how and why I coach the way I do and with who and the value of being able to discern people's gifts.

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