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Are you finding yourself in a professional transition time, feeling overwhelmed, stuck and spinning in circles?

Do you want your work to feel energizing and fulfilling instead of soul draining and anxiety provoking?

Do you want to feel confident, capable and grounded when you think about your work?

Do you want to experience your work as a beautifully integrated part of your life

in which you can express your needs, wants and ideas boldly and collaboratively?

To date, I have guided dozens of people from all over the world in a myriad of professions to experience their work as an expression of who they are at the core and what they deeply care about. 

We’re not meant to get through life’s challenges alone. All of us need guidance at certain points in our lives, especially in times of change, to move through them gracefully and in a way that supports our growth.

Join me for a free intro call to discuss how I can support you to experience your work as something that nourishes and cares for the things that are most important to you!


My coaching process evolves as you evolve. There is no one size fits all experience.

AND there are some core philosophies I orient my work with. Check out the video below to learn more about them!

Any of that sounds intriguing or like exactly what you’re needing right now?

Hop on a call with me and let’s talk about how we can work together!

  • How does coaching work?
    Coaching gives you a supportive safe space to explore what’s going on for you and learn new skills that enable you to design the life you want to live – and live it. My approach to coaching is one of exploration and continuous experimentation to combat fear of failure and build up confidence and capacity. I am not a drill-master but I will challenge you to step into designing your life with courage.
  • What happens during the first call?
    The first call is an opportunity for both of us to discuss your unique situation, explore how working together would look like and get to know each other. Throughout the roughly hour long conversation, I’ll have some questions to ask you to get a sense of what you need, I’ll offer my perspective and approach to what I’m hearing and from there we will explore next steps that best support you.
  • How long do I have to commit to?
    In my experience, long lasting transformation requires a 6-month commitment. After 3 months, we’ll evaluate our work up until that point and make course adjustments to best serve you and the life you want to live.
  • How often are the sessions?
    My usual approach is to have sessions every two weeks. Simply, a week isn’t long enough to absorb the lessons of one session and do the work that needs doing between sessions. With any new habit, the rituals I will get you to adopt won’t ‘take’ overnight. You’ll need to keep focusing on them. Two weeks gives you space to do that.
  • What happens in a session?
    Every session is a collaboration of work between the two of us. During a session, we sill start with a check in and reflections over the past two weeks. We then mutually decide what would be of highest value to focus on given your context and what’s present for you both long and short term. At the end, I invite a reflection and we decide collectively on any “homework” pieces that you feel will support you in your learning.
  • Where do we meet?
    Sessions are held over Zoom or Google Meet. It’s best if you can arrange to meet at a time and place where you won’t be interrupted and can talk in private.


How is it working with me?

Hear it from my clients themselves!

You gave me some coaching back in Jan - Feb about finding a new job and seeking a new purpose


I got a new job which I start next week :)  


I think you helped me realize something that's now obvious to me only in hindsight, namely that I wanted a new job because I wanted a change, not just to increase my impact. I found your advice really accessible and personable.


Thanks so much for your help :)

Ollie O.

My original goal when starting the coaching was to help identify areas in my life that may be contributing to my perceived unhappiness so that I could be more efficient in my business life and more appreciative of my personal life.


Mary expertly shines a light on dark areas of your life and helps you identify meaningful ways to work with them. I began feeling happier from the conclusion of our first session and was seeing the tangible changes occur within the first few weeks. I quickly found success in my business life, personal relationships and my mental health.


I would not hesitate to recommend Mary to anyone seeking a happier and more balanced life.

Peter O.

I'm approaching retirement after a hard-driving and goal-focused professional life. I was having trouble enjoying my past times because I constantly felt guilty about not moving more quickly or shooting higher.


After just a couple meetings with you I found a way to take my foot off the gas peddle while still pursuing my interests in a meaningful way. Thank you for helping me get out of my own way. I'd recommend you to anyone needing to find their path!


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