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Reclaiming Your Work:
A Discovery Guide

In my experience, when we go through a career transition, we are most often faced with confusion, uncertainty and the feeling of being stuck. We don't know what exactly feels off, what we actually want and what is the first step to try to get there.


This guide will help you answer these questions, and more, through self-paced activities, thought-provoking reflection prompts and encouraging videos. You'll learn more about yourself, what you want from your work and what the next step looks like on your work journey. Feel grounded and inspired as you reclaim your work on your own terms. 

Who is this for and why this guide?


In 2019, I was going through a huge work transition and felt tremendously alone. I knew I didn't want to work in the corporate world but didn't know what what meant otherwise. I was defined by my work and not clear on what was it that I wanted. So I spent two months trying to figure it out, googling journaling prompts, reading books, doing courses and talking to as many people as I could about what was going on for me. I felt confused and scared a lot of the time. Looking back, I would have given anything to have some guidance in the process and to feel like what I was going through was normal.

This is why I created this guide. I want you, who might be going through a similar experience as I did, to have a guide in the process and a resource to refer to. This multi-media workbook is a compilation of the resources that I've gained over the years as a coach and it's curated for it's relevance to you. This guide is essentially the first month and a half of coaching 1:1 with me but at your own pace in whatever context you are.

I hope it will help you on your journey and make the process a little bit more enjoyable and fun.

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Here is the Welcome video from the guide for you to get a sense of the vibe:



The guide is an extension of my work with my clients.
Get a sense of how it feels like working with me from them. 

I found Mary during what felt like a fallow period in my career. I felt directionless but also overwhelmed with possibility. Any attempt at progress had me feeling as if I was spinning my wheels.


Mary provided a non-judgmental, curious, and open-minded container to explore these feelings, and also opened me up to a world of possibilities by providing me with new tools-for-thought, and pushing me to reflect on my desires and values in ways I would never have considered on my own. 


I'm writing this now several months later, getting ready to take the next step in my career. I feel excited and optimistic in a way that I have not felt in years, and I am certain that my work with Mary played no small part in that.


I reached out because I was facing a terrifying career transition.


Mary's coaching helped reveal and reframe aspects of my perception that were causing me to punish myself for failure. Mary has an enlivening, integrative view of life and work. She's extremely positive while being grounded in the reality and abundance of the world.


Couldn't recommend her more. Invest in yourself, the payoff is worth it!

Ben H. 

I used to feel overwhelmed by a lot of changes happening in my life and the almost unlimited amount of options in this world. Together with Mary, I learned to reflect on why I felt a certain way, discovering what is truly meaningful to me and navigating through the overwhelming phases and changes.


No matter which topic, Mary and I always had a meaningful conversation and she was able to connect current topics with topics covered in previous coaching sessions which was very insightful. To each session Mary brings a lot of energy, understanding and kindness. 

Clara B.

Cost and the 30-day money-back guarantee

The cost for the guide is $200 USD or $125 USD if you are low income or low on cash.

Work transitions are unique and each of us has unique needs in that process. Although I've created this guide to be as helpful as possible and strongly stand behind it, I know it might not be what you need. If you have engaged with the content, answered the question and have acted on the encouragement and you still feel like this guide has done nothing for you, then send me an email within the month explaining why it wasn't helpful. I'll refund you (and maybe offer some suggestions).

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