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Magic happens when people gather together in intentional spaces,

and I love creating the spaces where that magic can happen.

The workshops I facilitate are dedicated spaces for thinking about, planning and enacting the changes we want to see in our lives, both in our careers and outside of it.


They provide a focused time to commit to caring for ourselves in a community of people equally enthusiastic and dedicated to positive, self-aware change.

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A collective space outside of the usual rush of life to slow down, reflect and explore together how our underlying beliefs influence our decisions and what to do about them

Join for a 1.5h exploration of the rotating themes of:


what do you want from your work and life

what is your relationship with money and how does it influence you

what does purpose and living a “good life” have to do with your work

how to feel aligned and grounded making choices in your work life 

what people say

It was great to participate in a workshop facilitated by you! That was a truly fun and wonderful experience for me. You have a great gift of facilitating and guiding groups of humans as they navigate through challenging, heavy, uncomfortable and uncharted topics.

 Your calmness, welcoming nature and relaxed style made me feel at ease in a group I didn't know many people (I'm actually an introvert so it is challenging for me in group activities) and it also supported people sharing their thoughts and views and experiences.

This was good! The energy was awesome! Thank you, you were holding a wonderful and safe space/container. It was easy to reflect in that energy. I hope to see more events of this nature offered in the future!


Check out some of my past workshops and what people thought about them!

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Life-changing or trivial, we are faced with many decisions each day and many of us are haunted by upcoming or past judgement calls. Very often, this stems from outcomes that are misaligned with what we personally find important in life. Our values create a lens through which we see the world. Being unaware of our priorities makes decision-making difficult when we have to make a judgement that pits conflicting values against one another. 

This half-day online, interactive workshop is designed to explore how our values are related to our decision-making processes and outcome, both in daily life, as well as in those tough moments like the time you wanted to quit your job or break up with a partner. 

"Most valuable thing I'm getting out of the workshop is seeing more complexity of decisions. Values that point in different directions actually being valuable information. Opening up creative possibilities by getting fun with really difficult decisions."

"Helped in knowing  a little more about myself :)

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