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follow a guide to clarify confusion, figure out the next step and get unstuck

Created based on over three years of my coaching and personal experience, this multi-media guide will increase your knowledge of what you want in your work life, what work feels good to you and what is the first step to take on your work transition journey. 

That's why I’m sharing this simple exercise to help you discover what's meaningful to you at your core and how to live it out next week. 

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figuring out what's most important to YOU

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I believe in a world where all of us are doing work that is an expression of who we are and the impact we want to make. A world where each of us lives meaningfully, courageously and unapologetically. 

Transition points in our professional lives (reassessing one’s career, changing jobs, or starting a new position) can both be experiences of overwhelm AND prime opportunities to grow in confidence and capacity as we realign our lives with what is deeply meaningful to us.

The world needs people like you. People unwilling to settle for “just okay”. People determined to live their lives with purpose and passion.

And I am here to help you do just that – design and live a life where you feel confident, capable, and grounded doing work that fulfills you and makes a positive difference in the world.



In my experience, self-aware life-long learners (like you)
struggle with one or all of the following dilemmas:


You know you’re meant to make a difference but you’re spinning your wheels at a job that sucks your soul out without a clue of what to do next.

I can help you figure out your unique values and strengths that will guide you in crafting a vision for your life. A vision that you feel confident in implementing knowing it’s deeply aligned with who you are and who you want to be.


You know you need to make a change and you’ve got a sense of the direction. But something is holding you back. Self-doubt, thoughts of other people’s opinions, fears of things going horribly wrong.

Together we'll lay out everything that’s standing in your way, boldly and unapologetically, then tackle them one by one, helping you grow in courage, conviction and confidence.


You feel like you’re doing the thing you’re meant to do but you’re still finding yourself feeling disconnected, dissatisfied and distracted. You know you can’t keep going this way.

Through our work together you'll reconnect with what you’re doing and why. You'll get the support you need to create sustainable momentum so you can feel like you’re living the life you love.  

Any of the above sounds familiar? 

I want to hear about it from you! 

I used to feel afraid and paralyzed by any type of work and the pressure to do things perfectly. I also suffered from black and white thinking which made recognizing my accomplishments in my personal and professional life very difficult.


Through working with Mary she has helped me open my eyes to the false beliefs I held about myself and approach new experiences with confidence. She's a very attentive listener and is able to quickly suggest tools and strategies to try to combat any challenges you're facing or things you'd like to work on.


I would highly recommend Mary to anyone looking to take the next step in their life and move towards the best version of yourself.

Emily M.

I wanted to figure out what matters to me in a career and how to take it forward in a way that feels meaningful. I used to believe that leading meaningful life was limited to certain professions and specific ways of living.


By working with you, I figured out that doing more of what is meaningful for me doesn't require dramatic life changes at all. I now experience a lot more purpose and agency in my life every day.

 Ellen K.

I have nothing but praise for Mary. I fear that I’ll sound like I’m gushing too hard, but Mary fully deserves it. I was immediately at ease talking to her. She has a knack for making conversation easy, meaningful, and engaging.


There’s so many questions I want to answer about my life. Mary is the perfect person for this; she was attentive and asked all the right questions to help me look at things from the right perspective. And it never felt like she was getting me to do something. I got all the understanding of arriving at the conclusions myself, and all the help I needed to arrive at them in the first place.


I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into this, but it was everything I could have hoped for. Mary is here to help, let her work her magic!

Yash D.



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